CEM II / A-M ( P-L) 42,5 R

The cement is produced by grinding a mixture of additives (pozzolana) prescribed by standards (max.20) with portland cement clinker by addition of a certain amount of retarder (gypsum) and sets and gains strength after a certain time being mixed with water.

Generally the product can be used in all places where portland cement is applicable. Hydration temperature is relatively lower than portland cement . It is appropriate to use in concrete works performed in aggresive areas where the content (s) of sulphate and/or chloride ion(s) is(are) high.

Packing Type: Sold in bulk or in 50 kg. kraft bags. Big-bags or sling bags.

Quality Control: Our product is certified to use CE marking in Europe.

Physical Properties KÇS Standart Unit
Initial Setting Time< 220 Min. 60 Minute
Final Setting Time 250 Minute
Specific Gravity 3.11 g/cm³
Soundness 1 Maks. 10 mm
Specific Surface (Blaine) 4410 cm²/g
Bulk Denstiy 930 g/1
2 Days Strength 28 Min. 20 MPa
28 Days Strength 53 Min. 42,5
Max. 62,5

Chemical Properties KÇS Standart Unit
SO³ 2.65 Max. 3.5 %
C1- 0.0082 Max. 0.1 %