CEM IV / B (P) 32.5 R

The cement is produced by grinding at least one type of mineral additive (pozzolana) prescribed by standards (max. %55) with portland clinker by addition of a certain amount of retarder (generally gypsum).

The product delivers the strength values respectively in late periods compared to CEM I and CEM II types. Water/cement ratio is respectively higher. It is much more resistant to alkali and aggregate reactions. It is best for repairing works, foundation filling and used in stucco and building chemicals manufacturing.

Packing Type: Sold in bulk or in 50 kg. kraft bags. Big-bags or sling bags.

Quality Control: Our product is certified to use CE marking in Europe.

Physical Properties KÇS Standart Unit
Initial Setting Time 230 Min. 75 Minute
Final Setting Time 295 Minute
Specific Gravity 1 Maks. 10 mm
Specific Surface (Blaine) 4650 cm²/g
Liter Weight 845 g/1
2 Days Strength 18 Min. 10 MPa
28 Days Strength 38 Min. 32,5
Max. 52,5

Chemical Properties KÇS Standart Unit
SO³ 2.45 Max. 3.5 %
C1- 0.0129 Max. 0.1 %
Puzzuolana Test Posittive Statisfies The Test